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A Successful History

Formed in April 1981, Custom Data Solutions is proud to have celebrated over 43 years in business.

The Company was founded as a software development company specializing in providing high end, innovative solutions in various industries, including insurance, banking, property management, manufacturing and distribution. To this day, we continue to serve our first two original customers' IT needs.

In 1994, we were engaged by our first snack food client to provide data processing support, and since that time, have grown this segment of our business to become the premier data collection, processing and reporting service in the Vending, Specialty, Theater, Fund Raising, Concession, and Foodservice channels.

In 2002, we expanded our data services into the Convenience Store channel. The C-Store channel has presented several unique data and reporting issues requiring progressive solutions to address our client needs.

Since mid 2006, the Company has performed services in the Foodservice channel providing clients with two reporting solutions. One method is National (Corporate) Accounts processing based on customer reported purchases. The second method is distributor reported sales to all Foodservice customers similar to Vending channel reporting. Steady growth is expected to continue in the Foodservice channel.

As the vending industry continues to re-invent itself and look for new business growth opportunities, MicroMarts (Micro Markets) have become a natural fit for Vend Operators to pursue. Additionally, Vend Operators have embraced the technology of Vending Machine Software (VMS) available today to more efficiently run their business.

Custom Data Solutions is uniquely positioned to fulfill all of our clients' needs in this arena. The Company provides the necessary third-party neutrality and confidentiality in the collection of critical sales data across multiple "Concept Providers" without any fear of information being shared with a competitor. This allows Custom Data Solutions, through its subsidiary Innovative Data Management, LLC, to provide the most comprehensive reporting and analytic solutions available in the marketplace.

We are continuously enhancing our internal systems and our Internet reporting tools to incorporate the latest technologies and features. Through strategic edge®, website access and tools are constantly enhanced to provide the most comprehensive reporting tools available. Furthermore, we have developed software products and complimentary services, including Disbursement Services and Document Management, to meet the demands of our clients.

A solid history of experience!


The Company is supported by a diverse staff of talented and experienced individuals who continually strive to exceed our clients' expectations. Their dedication and commitment is a key factor in the steady growth and expansion of the Company.

Our team embraces the challenges presented by numerous and rapid changes in technology as demonstrated over the past 43. Their ability to learn and incorporate these new technologies into our tools has enabled the Company to provide our Clients with the high service levels they have come to expect.

In mid-2007, the owners of Custom Data Solutions, Michael Nudi and Denise Fullerton, created an Employee Stock Ownership Trust for the benefit of the employees. The ESOP allows all of our employees to share in the rewards that the Company achieves as a result of the team's contributions. The plan forms a critical part of a succession management plan allowing for the attraction and retention of qualified staff to ensure that our clients continue to receive the same high level of services to which they are accustomed.

Dedicated people doing the extraordinary!

Our Management Philosophy

Our first priority is to produce the highest quality of work for our clients - at all times! QUALITY is one of our prime objectives. Based on the daily practice of accuracy and timeliness in all of the work we do, it all begins with a "zero-defect" philosophy.
These guiding principles are continually reinforced throughout the Company. In fact, our success has been consistently supported by a group of clients who demand and expect a "best in class" level of service.

With all of the added reporting requirements placed on public companies, we have established processes and programs based on strong internal control standards. These controls are continually reviewed by our Company's management team to ensure that the requirements imposed by Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) on many of our clients can be fully met, whether they are publicly or privately owned. As of September 30th of each year, the Company receives its SSAE 18 certification audit conducted by a national public accounting firm. This insures that the Company adheres to the highest standards of excellence required.

We are committed to the exploration and implementation of new technologies, to providing a work environment that encourages personal and professional growth in our staff, and to developing long term and mutually rewarding relationships with our clients.

In addition, we have carefully managed our growth to avoid the dangers of over-commitment that can, all too often, jeopardize quality, accuracy and timeliness -- all at the expense of growth. The Company is well capitalized and remains financially strong and viable.

A partner in excellence!

Leading Edge Technology

Custom Data Solutions employs state-of-the-art computer hardware, and database and programming technologies. The architecture is currently based on an Oracle Relational Database Management System. Over the past two years, the Company has been migrating to a Microsoft platform employing .NET development. This software will allow the Company to continue to provide its clients with scalable solutions with lower development costs.

Software development has been a cornerstone of our business. The Custom Data Solutions team of talented, qualified programmers and developers are skilled in multiple programming languages, continually keeping abreast of new development and programming languages and tools. This allows us to offer a comprehensive package of solutions to meet the exacting demands of each of our clients.

We employ industry standard and cutting edge software programs for development using Microsoft Technologies encompasing .NET Framework, .NET Core, AI, SQL Server, Azure and a hybrid on-premises/cloud environment. Using these tools, our development team can operate effectively and efficiently to produce a high quality product.

We maintain an in-house, dedicated bank of Internet servers to provide our clients with a private cloud, for continuous access to their data from anywhere in the world. We maintain multiple high-speed Internet connections to provide enough bandwidth to support our clients' demands for information twenty-four hours a day. Additional Internet connections are in place to provide automatic, secure "failover" access.

All of our client data is protected with secure access and is backed-up nightly, with off-site storage. We maintain an off-premise access point for the quick recovery of data that generally enables recovery within a 72 hour window following any major interruption.

Leveraging technology to support your objectives!

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