Effective Data Management

We are the leading provider of data collection, processing, reporting, and analysis services to the Vending, Specialty, Theater, Fund Raising, Concession, Foodservice and Convenience Store channels. This is a result of the best practices solutions we have applied to the automated collection, transmission and processing of our clients' sales data. This approach gives each of our clients a tremendous competitive edge by providing them with fast, accurate, real time sales information... available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

We've developed sophisticated processes and systems to cleanse and warehouse the significant volume of data we receive throughout each month. This includes the verification and cleansing of inbound data, as well as ongoing maintenance and analysis of existing data. The resulting information is accurate and readily available to our clients when they need it.

Analysis reports are customized to meet the unique requirements of each client. Our talented staff of analysts and programmers truly understand the business needs of our clients. This allows the team at Custom Data Solutions to create innovative reporting tools that our clients can rely on to help make effective business decisions.

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Internet Reporting

Custom Data Solutions is a full service web development and design company, providing all of the services required to develop the secure websites that our clients utilize to access their sales information, perform analyses and generate ad-hoc reports.

Site-navigation, ease-of-use and content are crucial elements in the development of our websites. We design every site from the visitor's point of view by anticipating their order of needs. Quick access of critical sales information with minimal effort is a requirement.

Through our strategic edge® suite of products, every user can easily access their information, including access to focus, our interactive reporting tool. Through these tools, every user has the ability to create custom spreadsheet reports with minimal effort. Options built into the tools allow users to quickly and efficiently filter the content, as well as the output, to create reports to their own specifications. The step by step process is designed to easily guide the user through the process to achieve the desired results.

The industry's leading reporting tools!

Additional Services

Custom Data Solutions provides many additional services for our clients such as rebate calculation and processing, full disbursement services, commission processing and disbursement, ad-hoc data analysis, contract and document management and supplementary specialty work.

Through our subsidiary, Innovative Data Management, LLC, we offer clients several options to analyze consumer level data, while through Software Solution Integrators, LLC, we provide software reseller and Value Added Reseller (VAR) services.

Additionally, we continue to design and develop software and web based solutions for a wide variety of our client base.

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